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Coating agents

Salt based with main ingredients of sulfates, (borax), carbonates, silicates, polymers and other ingredients.

A coating is mainly a powder which has to be solved in water at approx. 80-90°C. The coating has the function as a layer to spend always same roughness for drawing and stay in between wire and die. Support of the coating to higher efficiency of the drawing process:

- it is a safe instrument to cover all uneven areas on the wire surface

- it spends a definition of roughness on the wire which served a higher lubrication

- it moves together with the wire through the die to avoid the steel to steel contact (elongation)

- it stays until the end of the drawing line between wire and lubricant in a defined relation

- it leads the lubricant through the die


All our products meet EC Health and Safety Regulations and are backed up with ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001.


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